Welcome to Destiny’s Pet Project Resq

Welcome to Destiny’s Pet Project Resq

Welcome to all who spend their time and good energy on this site whether you are here to research, adopt, donate, foster, or look into volunteering for our organization.

Destiny’s Pet Project Resq is a grassroots movement created in 2011 when I was ready to receive my lessons from my first teacher who was my dog Destiny.

Destiny was a dog from the high kill shelter in Manhattan in NYC that I began to foster in 2010.  She was passed from foster home to foster home as she was not the “perfect” dog.  Destiny was the quintessential “dumped” dog that usually is turned into the high kill shelters in NYC.  She was around 10 months old, not house trained, seemed to have never been walked (as her leash manners were atrocious), she was curious about everything, almost like she never saw grass, a squirrel, another dog, or even engaged with the scents and sights of being outside.  Her loving sweet energy, her superior intelligence and her good looks were her saving grace for a dog with a laundry list of “issues”.

So our relationship began, it was rocky at first because I had no clue what I was doing and Destiny knew it!!  So she took the lead and began to show me she understood all I was trying to tell and show her, although sometimes she acted like she had no clue what I was telling her when I would tell her the cats were off limits and she should leave them alone, but she soon acquiesced and left the cats alone.  It wasn’t long till our hearts were one and she would be with me for a full 16 yrs till her death in my arms in August 1, 2020.  Her legacy will live on as in her honor I have dedicated my life to see to it I help all animals that are in need in any way I can.

I created Destiny’s Pet Project Resq soon after Destiny came into my life because I knew then and there that this was what I wanted to do with my life and make a big impact correcting a horrible crime against nature which is the issue of unwanted pets in a throwaway society.  I created a strong healthy organization that can withstand the harshness, punishing, heart wrenching, expensive issues that come with pet/animal rescue.

We are a transparent organization dedicated to our donors and sponsors keeping them informed of the needs of our charges and how our funds are being used for the betterment of all life here on planet Earth.

We would love for you to donate to support our work*. Any amount is welcome, because it takes a village to do rescue, so this is a call to action for people of the village. Will you answer?

If you do, you will be automatically added to our blog/newsletter keeping you informed of our growth, special events and fundraising efforts as well as receiving updates on all our rescue pets/animals.

I would like to personally extend my deepest appreciation to all who take the time to learn about Destiny’s Pet Project Resq and who wish to become part of our family by adopting, donating, fostering, volunteering and even sharing our site on social media, thus helping to spread the good word about our mission.

All these things are instrumental and help us greatly.

Warmest Regards,
Annette Trinidad
Destiny’s Pet Project Resq*

*Destiny’s Pet Project Resq Inc is a 501c3 organization so all donations are tax deductible.
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