Become a Foster Parent

Becoming a foster parent is vital in saving animals’ lives and ensuring that our foster animals end up in wonderful permanent adoptive homes. Some pets require a lot of help in making this life-changing transition, and we need to make sure that our fosterers are willing and able to assist in this endeavor.

Please use care in completing this form as it will help Destiny’s Pet Project Resq Inc. determine your ability to provide foster care to one of our pets. You may be asked to submit additional references or participate in additional interviews, all of which are a part of the screening process.

After you’ve submitted your foster application, a Destiny’s Pet Project Resq staff member will evaluate it. If you’re accepted into our program we will call or email you to schedule an appointment for a home visit.

If you would prefer to complete your application on paper, you can download the application form HERE.

You can also download the Foster Parent Agreement and Statement of Understanding which you will be required to sign if your application is accepted.


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